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Online dating is a great way to meet new people, but along the way you might experience that not every profile you view is real, in fact around 15% of online dating profiles are fake and their intention is to get your information or money and so on. Therefore I strongly suggest you not to share your personal information with anyone you meet online. Never send them money no matter how truthful their story seems like.
Before meeting someone in person, make sure to talk to that person a few times before you meet them. Make sure to see a few pictures of them, also talk to them on the phone. Once everything seems to be fine, then try to meet them in person. If you like to attract the right audience, please take your time and make sure to fill out your profile page, also add a few recent pictures of yourself, make sure to explain what you are looking for and talk about yourself, this will save a lot of time and effort and will make it easier to be found by right people. Don't be shy, online dating is now how people explore their options and meet new people. One in every four mariages in the United States are made through online dating sites! You never know, your future gf/bf/husband/wife could be here waiting for you!