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Country: United States of America About jhnhomealone1970 :
God wanted woman and man to have companionship and love for the heart.I think that when we find love that is true we act more kind, gentle, and loving.The way we are suppose to with unconditional love.It is all part of God's big plan.., it is much harder to find true and perfect love because people are running around looking for happiness, but they forget about having Joy from within.Without this Joy from within, we can not love perfectly.A partner is suppose to bring out good qualities from within not fix something that is missing or broken

About My Future Partner:
I am a person looking for true feelings,love and marrige.Iam not here for some bis and jokes and playing stupid games as many, many others do. I have ben burning my fingers before, and as you might know A burned child NEVER plays with fire twise.As Iam here agan, is that I have found out that if you never play the lotto, you never win either, so I am willing to take my chances.I really hope you understand my meaning.

State: Illinois
City: chicago
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body Type: Average
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Black
Education: Bachelors
Age: 1970 July ( 48 year old )
My Partner's Age Range: 40 ~ 50
Marital Status: Divorced
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Living Status: sharing with someone
Interested in: Women
Looking for: Marriage
Likes Pets: I like pets
Owns Pets: No
Likes Kids: I like kids
Has Kids: Yes
Smoking Habits: I never smoke
Drinking Habits: I don't drink
Religion: Christian


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