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Country: United States of America About jbrown :
I am laid back, reserved, funny, and interested in constantly expanding my knowledge base. I enjoy making people laugh and feel relaxed. I enjoy lots of meaningful conversation on a wide range of topics. I love to laugh, joke and have a good time. I am comfortable taking a leisure walk, working out, shopping, or just sitting on the couch with a good book or a movie. I used to love to play basketball, but as I've gotten older,I found golf to be another sport. I also do bowling, those are leisure activities. I also love to watch paint dry. I like to go fishing, at least I can eat what I catch.LOL.. I watch a lot of the Daily Show, MSNBC, Hardball, Morning Joe, Rachel Maddow, The Last Word, The Ed Show, CNN, Wolf Blitzer and the Situation Room. I read Drudge, Huffington Post, Foreign Policy magazine, Newsvine, etc. You can see I like to stay informed, but I can also watch certain comedians all day too. I will admit, the reality show Hardcore Pawn keeps me laughing. I know with my news source choices, it seems l

About My Future Partner:
I like to meet someone that's is faithful, loves to laugh, honest , either retired or has a steady job. I also like someone who is tolerant hardworking , kind and who is not afraid to try new things.

State: Texas
City: Dallas
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Body Type: Average
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Black
Education: Bachelors
Age: 1966 May ( 52 year old )
My Partner's Age Range: 40 ~ 55
Marital Status: widow
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Living Status: alone
Interested in: Women
Looking for: Long Term Relationship
Likes Pets: I like pets
Owns Pets: No
Likes Kids: I like kids
Has Kids: No
Smoking Habits: I never smoke
Drinking Habits: I drink occassionally


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